About me

Sven R Larson

Current position

As of February 5, 2018, I am working for Wyoming Liberty Group as a research fellow. This blog is entirely a private project. Wyoming Liberty Group is not responsible for its content.

Personal information
U.S. citizen. Born in Sweden, moved to the United States in 2002. 

Ph.D. in social sciences, major in economics, from Roskilde University, Denmark (2000). 

Doctoral thesis
"Uncertainty, Macroeconomic Stability and the Welfare State", successfully defended in 2000, published by academic publishing house Ashgate in 2002

Professional background
College professor, tenure track (Roskilde, 1999-2002), visiting professor, Skidmore College (2002-2005), free-market think tank economist and policy researcher since 2005.

I should add that I no longer call myself an "economist" but prefer the label "political economist". This has to do with the tragic, though self-inflicted deterioration of economics as an academic discipline and profession. By comparison, good old political economy provides a much more productive methodology for the analysis of, and the design and implementation of solutions to, complex socio-economic problems.

My sources of scholarly inspiration are Keynes, Hayek, Alchian, Okun and Shackle. If you can see a common denominator for all of them, I look forward to having a beer with you!


Recent scholarly books:

Industrial Poverty: Yesterday Sweden, Today Europe, Tomorrow America (Ashgate-Gower, now part of Routledge, 2014)

Smaller books on specific policy issues:

My research also appears in peer-review journals, as well as in think-tank research papers.

Currently, I run the economic project Wyoming Prosperity, the purpose of which is to restore prosperity and limited government in The Cowboy State. 


  1. Very interesting, Sven.
    Can you share your source of financial support, if there is one?
    And you know that old (American) saying about rubber meeting the road: could you provide a breakdown of the impact of these cuts on individual Wyoming residents -- young and old, poor and wealthy, small and large communities? So that would require a description of who uses the services that would be cut.
    I think you have a lot of adherents in the Wyoming Legislature.

  2. "Can you share your source of financial support, if there is one?"

    This blog is entirely a private project.