Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Private Sector Employment by State

How did Wyoming perform compared to other states?

Based on preliminary numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual change in private employment by state is calculated and reported in Figure 1. Wyoming lost private-sector jobs in eight of the months in 2017, with only Alaska seeing as many months of decline. Seven other states experienced job losses at least one month: Kansas (6), West Virginia (5), Oklahoma (4), Louisiana and Mississippi (3), North Dakota (2) and South Carolina (1). For the entire year, only three states experienced a net loss of private-sector jobs: Kansas (-0.08 percent), Alaska (-0.89) and Wyoming (-0.94). The unweighted average state-level private job growth for 2017 was 1.48 percent:

Figure 1
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

The employment numbers for Wyoming improved steadily through the last quarter of 2017:

September -0.24 percent
October -0.05 percent
November 0.15 percent
December 1.13 percent. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has not yet published numbers for January 2018. 

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