Saturday, February 17, 2018

Liberty Takes Courage

As I mentioned yesterday, our fiscally conservative friends in the legislature here in Wyoming, as well as conservatives running for governor, have yet to show some backbone when it comes to spending reform. The situation is even worse in Congress, where Republicans are almost tripping over their Democrat friends in an effort to perpetuate growth of the welfare state. 

Therefore, it is time for us who believe in the values on which this country was founded; the values that have guided the birth, growth and success of the entire Western Civilization; to once again take a stand, draw the line and reclaim the rights to freedom and the pursuit of happiness and prosperity that God has given us. 

Time is running out. We may stop tax hikes, but unless we can roll back, structurally and permanently, the spending programs that constitute the backbone of government spending, our resistance to higher taxes and larger government will prove to be little more than a speed limit on the growth of the egalitarian welfare state.

It is time for us to do what we do best: use the means of government that our Constitution provides, to re-establish the four pillars of the American Republic:

Limited government 
a government that exists only to protect life, liberty and property; 

Free-market capitalism 
despite its imperfections, the most successful economic system mankind has ever invented; 

Private charity 
the only sustainable way to build and maintain strong communities; 

Personal responsibility 
a free society is free only as long as its citizens share in its protection and growth.

However, these words mean nothing unless we are willing to turn them into actionable reform. In addition to the plan I have developed for reforming Wyoming, here are two ideas on how to turn the tide on big government at the federal level - an issue of similar importance to reforming our state:

Protecting the Defense Budget; a model that would guarantee the funding of our national defense regardless of the budgetary bickering over the rest of the federal government's finances;

Family Savings Accounts; instead of tax-paid family leave, a model that gives families of all walks of life, all incomes and all constellations control over their own income security. 

The family-savings account model can also be implemented at the state level. 

Again, these solutions, state and federal, are perfectly realistic and actionable. This can be done through legislative bills, campaign platforms and commitment from us, the voters and taxpayers.

Do we have the courage it takes to get this done?

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