Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Open Letter to the Revenue Committee

As a last attempt to explain to the Revenue Committee members what their vote on Taxmageddon really means, I have sent all the committee members the following letter:


Dear Members of the Revenue Committee,

Tomorrow you will cast some of your most important votes ever in your legislative years. The total value of the tax increases before you is not quite at half a billion dollars, but very close. 

The vote takes place at a time when the Wyoming economy has just emerged from a serious economic downslope, with more than 17,000 jobs lost over a period of less than two years. Census and IRS migration data both show that Wyoming is losing middle class families, which means we are bleeding both labor force and tax base. 

A massive increase in taxes would exacerbate this outflow. But it would do more than that: it would squander the opportunity for an economic recovery, the signs of which we are now seeing. Just when businesses and families can breathe more easily, your tax package would put us all on a new economic downslope. 

There are alternatives to tax hikes. There are alternatives that can reduce the size of government without leaving the poor behind. On my blog Wyoming Prosperity I have presented a reform package - A New Chapter for Wyoming - that delivers major, permanent cost reductions while strengthening our state's economy and improving lives for low-income families. 

My reform package is one example. There are many others. The question is not what to do instead of taxes; the question is if you have the courage to say no to tax hikes, and yes to a fiscally sustainable government. 

The vote is yours. You own it. The future that your vote will create, belongs to our children. 

Thank you.

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