Thursday, November 16, 2017

Another Leftist Ad-Hominem Rant

For the most part, the political discourse here in Wyoming is civilized and respectful. The only consistent exception from that is when the far left gets involved. Every time they speak up, it seems as though they have to throw foul language and ad-hominem attacks at people they don't like. Perhaps the most pathetic example of this version of verbal mudslinging is found on a website called Blabber Wyoming

On November 15 this outfit did another personal hit job on a Republican they don't like. Their target this time is Wyoming Republican Party Secretary Charles Curley, and the reason is his testimony against higher taxes at the November meeting with the Revenue Committee. 

Since Blabber Wyoming is unable to rally enough taxpayers in Wyoming behind their desperate plea for more and higher taxes, they try to take on opponents to tax hikes with personal innuendo. In Curley's case, Blabber Wyoming creatively suggests that he is some sort of mouthpiece for his "billionaire overlords", whoever they are. 

Quite frankly, it is getting tedious to see these guilt-by-association ramblings from the left. Every one of those verbal discharges proves that they have absolutely nothing of substance to contribute to the actual policy conversation. There is one exception: they think low-income families in Wyoming pay 140 percent of their income in taxes. But beyond that single attempt at a factual argument, it is as hard to find substance in Blabber Wyoming's flow of words as it is to find tits on a bull. 

That said, since Blabber Wyoming's director Nate Martin is so eager to play the "guilt-by-association" game, let us for a moment join him in the mud and gutters of public discourse. 

Mr. Martin has worked for al-Jazeera:

This news outlet is funded by the government of Qatar, one of the most fundamentalist, anti-democratic regimes in the Arab world. Even Saudi Arabia has distanced itself from the al-Thani family that runs Qatar. 

Since Nate Martin apparently got paid by al-Jazeera, he has taken money from a state where you get up to five years in prison for criticizing the nation's king, or emir. Human Rights Watch has a lot to say about rampant abuse of migrant labor in the country. There is not even a shred of religious freedom in Qatar: if you renounce Islam, you are executed. The country also has an ugly record of sponsoring terrorism

At no point, as far as I can tell, has Mr. Martin apologized for his association with this ruthless regime. I can find no writings by Mr. Martin where he uses anything close to the same ugly rhetoric about his former patrons in Qatar as he uses about Republicans in Wyoming. Apparently, he has more respect for his iron-fisted overlords in Doha than for his political opponents in Cheyenne. 

Now - do we want to continue down this guilt-by-association ladder, or should we try to have a civilized conversation instead?

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