Tuesday, September 19, 2017

America's Last Wake-Up Call

Great news!

In two short weeks, my new book 

The Rise of Big Government
How Egalitarianism Conquered America

will be available online and in book stores. 

This book is America's last wake-up call. It exposes the true nature of the American welfare state like you have never seen it before. It traces the roots of egalitarianism straight back to their ugly origin. And it minces no words explaining what a price we are about to pay for letting egalitarianism conquer the Greatest Nation on Earth.

In the name of fighting "inequality", the United States of America is sliding straight down into the dungeon of industrial poverty and serfdom. We are transforming our country with...

  • Runaway debt - which is already imposing an enormous extra tax burden on our children, just so we can all live in an egalitarian dreamland;
  • Perennially slow growth - for the first time in our history, children will grow up to a life less prosperous than their parents have, all in the name of creating and maintaining an egalitarian society; and
  • The demotion of life - the United States is closer than most people realize to a single-payer health care system, and when that system is a fact, life itself will become a cost item in the government budget.

Like never before, this book exposes the ideological origin of the American welfare state. That ideology has roots as ugly and immoral as you could ever have guessed: it prescribes eugenics, talks about people as "the population stock", wants parents to be reduced to mere feeder units for their children... 

The roots of the American welfare state go even further, advocating forced sterilization and other measures to "enhance" the quality of the workforce. All so that government can maximize its tax revenue.

So far, we have not seen the truly dark side of the welfare state. But soon enough, we will.

This book is America's last wake-up call. It is the last cry to convince the greatest nation on Earth to turn back from the road to egalitarianism and serfdom.

Thank you.

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