Wednesday, May 3, 2017

From a Wyoming Taxpayer

Earlier today I published an article about how our legislators are preparing the ground for a gross receipts tax or - more likely - a state income tax. I got this reaction from Shawnna Punteney, who is a regular blog reader. I am publishing it with her permission. Thanks, Shawnna, for sharing your thoughts! (And all of you legislators out there who think a new tax is perfectly appropriate - please consider what it would do to families like the Punteneys.)
Living in Wyoming is already expensive. My husband and I both own businesses and we each paid 40 percent of our income to the IRS. In addition to that we have property tax and all the different licensing fees. It all adds up. The Punteney family is 5th generation. I don't want to leave however it is becoming very expensive. In terms of education- I get it! When the bottom dropped out, we thought we were going to lose it all! A chemical engineer went to work for a construction company for minimum wage. God had our back and seven months later my husband is back to work-but not in Wyoming. I have shut down my practice and am pursuing something different. I do not wish loss of jobs on educators. There are some amazing educators in this state. They have got to understand that we all took cuts and they will have to as well. I suggest cutting administration. We didn't like it, it's not fun, and I hate that it has happened!

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